The Shoot

What can we call it? 'Shoe boot', 'Ankle boot' or 'Shoot'...? That doesn't really matter but don't we just love them. Two shoes in one, a girls dream come true. It's the 'IT' shoe of the season and a definate girls must have Item, can be worn casual or dressy and it's a sexy female weapon. No more worries about getting a bulge at the back of your trousers or looking wierd in boots and a skirt, not that it's been a issue but some boots are just not meant to be worn with a dress. I will say BUT again, the shoe boot has come to save the day and if you are really not sure you can start by getting a budget pair or at-least trying on one in a shoe shop just without the purchase. I'm telling you, you'll love it. They come in different styles and sizes so make sure you take the time to chose the right colour and style that suits and you won't regret it.