sKinny? FlaRe? or BOTH...?

First was the skinny jean, then came the flared leg trousers NOW is the 'Skinny flare', a combination of the two. (1) The skinny leg was meant to make you look taller, slimmer and define ones body shape (2) The Flared leg jean was meant to make you look taller, as you could hide the highest pair of heels you could possibly try to walk in + hide your figure if you did have something to hide but now, option 3. offers you both plus more!!! For those who are skinny it creates for them the illusion of curves on the body giving you an hourglass figure, and for those who are already curvacious, it balances the hip and the lower-lower body because it's flared at the bottom. See this is way I love fashion, you can have alterations to your body without even having to go under the surgions knife. It's fabolous, definately a new addition to my wardrobe!