Golden Age of Couture - Paris and London

Victoria & Albert Museum

If you haven't already, gone this is a must see for every fashionista. The Golden Age of Couture - Paris exhibition at the V&A Musuem. Couture in the flesh, now you wouldn't wanna miss that would you? The exhibition runs til the 6th of January so If I were you I'd suit-up, get that train ticket and head for Cromwell Rd. SW7.
The exhibition features Post-war & theatre de la mode, Dior's 'New Look', Inside the World of couture focusing on the production of couture such as dress-making and tailoring. Textiles and trades, boutiques, ready-to-wear etc..,Photography and Illustration, Tailoring, Cocktail and early evening dress, Evening and Ballgowns and to round it all up, the 'Legacy'. It's very well put together and such a magnificent display. You can feel the magical presence of Couture in the atmosphere and it's something you will always remember.

I think after seeing it for yourself you actually start to appreciate the real importance and meaning of fashion and understand the worth of the industry itself and how some people have worked extremely hard to create to these wonderful inventions. You can find more details on the V&A's website.

Post-war and Theatre de la mode

The Legacy

"Fashion is an expression of faith. In this world of ours, that seeks to give away its secrets one by one, that feeds on false confidences and fabricated revelations, its the very incarnation of mystery and the best proof of the spell it casts is that, now more than ever, it's the topic on everyones lips"
(Christian Dior et moi by Christian Dior, Libraire Amiot, Dumont, 1956)