Must-have read!

Everyone worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger

Looking back not so long ago we were graced by ‘The Devil wears Prada’, a bestselling book and cinema hit but you can never say enough! Coz we simply just can’t get enough of Lauren’s creative and inventive ways of once in a while granting us V.I.P access into the glamorous world of fashion and fame. So, this time round she gives us another extravagant experience in ‘Everyone worth knowing’. Not so far off ‘The Devil wear Prada’, this book is about a girl called Bette; not Ugly Betty but Bette who has become a part of Manhattan super-rich and this girl gets paid to party her socks-off though some of the time she takes to plan them. Running with celebs, getting VIP access to Manhattan's hot spots and meeting 'everyone worth knowing' is totally far from what she would have imagined in her wildest dreams.

List price in the UK: £7.99 You can get it from Waterston’s or Amazon