Farewell Oh great one!

After 45 years of starring in the spotlight of fashion, crowds packed up yesterday at Paris’ Rodin Museum to see Valentino’s final collection – ever. With romance at the heart of every look, Valentino managed to deliver yet another magnificent show as her has for the past years and such a fabulous collection at that matter. Surely an end of an era and it’s sad to have him go but his great work and influence will always remain with us in the industry and he has fathered and inspired a lot of people in the fashion world. From 50s silhouettes, A-line swing coats, pencil skirts, Peter pan collars, flower prints on delicate silk chiffons and pastel shades. He had truly stitched-up the perfect gift for say his final goodbye.
I really like the passion in the collection. It was soft, delicate, feminine and yet gentle. Valentino will always be remembered for his influence, creativity and leadership. He nurtured fashion in a way and I think now for him he felt is was mature enough to spread it's wings and fly.
A true legend.

The Finalle'