Talk in style

“Todays fashion has expanded to encompass our way of life not just how we dress, but how we design our home, the hotels we stay in, the car we drive and the technology we have...”

Giorgio Armani

Here are some of the phones that paved the way for the "must-have fashion phone". I really liked Nokia's l'amour phone collection when it came out but was dissppointed to find that the features weren't all that - the camera was crap, the memory was close to zeroMB but the phone looked really nice. I'm more for the best of both world's and as much as I would love a fashionable phone, I think I can wait until I can get a better offer other than just good looks. Don't get me wrong... I still wouldn't go for the ugly or unpleasant looking phone either. I don't know but I'm just picky that way. I currently have the Nokia N95 which I think is pretty decent and I love it to bits, the merory is good, the camera is great and it looks classic, stylish and sophisticated.

My N95

Below are some early fashion phones that I think really got people thinking about style and appearance in a phone. I'm a huge fan of Nokia by the way - but recently I've been thinking they could design their phones better. Maybe they should do another collection of fashion phones.

And now....

The Dolce & Gabbanna Gold Razor

This phone may have been D&G but I never really was a fan of motorolas or gold for that matter, I do like the colour gold as in for jewellery and accessories but I wouldn't have it as a colour for a phone.

The LG Prada phone

Cute, sleek and stylish. I like the Prada LG I think it really screamed out stylish and sophisticated for me. Definatelly a fashion phone not only by brand but by appearance.

Giorgio Armani - Samsung phone

This baby did the Prada one better. It's sleek, sexy and elegant. I absolutely love it. I also like the fact that it's unisex - it doesn't look like a girly phone and it also isn't chunky and manish looking. Really hate those heavy, bulky, brick phones.