Top of the Galleries - London

Add some colour to your life

I have always loved and appreciated art, but recently my passion has blossomed even more because I have allowed myself to experience it in different forms at different places in London. I'd say today, art is more like suchi simply because once you've tried it once; you either love it or you hate it forever. I find art very stimulating and inspiring. Art involves alot of things, taken from life and beyond. To understand it sometimes you have to look behind what's infront of you and think to yourself 'What was the artist thinking when they made this picture?' It's deeper than what you can see and though some pieces of art may just be pictures, others can tell tales and so much more! So I've compiled a list of what I believe to be the best galleries in London. Art is simply an expression of love, beauty and life - Embrace it!

1. Tate Modern

2. Saatchi Gallaery

3. Whitechapel Art Gallery

4. National Gallery

5. Design Mudeum

6. Victorial & Albert Museum

7. Barbican Art Gallery

8. Royal Academy of Arts

9. Tate Britain

10. Crafts Council Gallery