S/S Jeans Guide - Part 1

Believe ir or not but the Skinny is great for both Boyish figures and girls with curves. They have become a wardrobe essential for most girls and the fantastic thing is that they are perfect for wearing both day and night. I'm glad the skinny has stuck around this long and has been a phenomenon. They can be worn easily with flats or heels, turning them into the most versatile style around.

I think skinny jeans looks absolutely fabulous on curves and I don't know why full-figured women often walk around in baggy clothes trying to hide their shape away. If anything, those baggy clothes only make them look bigger. For your own information, the Skinny holds everything in and makes you look slimmer and smaller. I would advise to try on as many different brands as you can and stay open-minded about certain cuts that suit you.

Celeb fans: Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller