Topshop Spring/Summer 08 Fashion Show

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On the 13th of February I attended the Elle Presents Topshop Fashion show at the London Oxford Circus flagship store and we were all reminded once again why we love them so much. The Spring/Summer 08 show was exquisite, with young, flirty, fun things strutting their stuff on the runway. Left begging for more, we were reassured that we need'nt beg any further because as you know Topshop always delivers. After a Champaign, cocktail and canapé reception we sat down to watch the show begin. It was a very vibrant and live experience. This S/S show saw fruity rainbow colours to pastel shades and ruffles, flower prints to stripes. A fabolous mix and a message that told the reassuring tale that summer was on its way and was packed with lots of fun, new things. Denim washed out black jeans, electric blue chiffon dress by unique was a treat, little mini layered floral print skirts, Peter pan collared t-shirts and blouses and I just loved the platform lace-up boot. The amazing thing about them was the fact that they were peep-toe, alos shoes from preen and topshop unique heralded the catwalk. I was curious as to how the models managed to walk such a great step without falling and vowed to try on a pair myself after the show - the shoes were fantastically comfortable. Dresses from 'The Boutique designers' were by Peter Jensen, Johnathan Saunders, and a Stella McCartney like floral print dress by Unique. I was taken by the hooded leather biker jacket by Christopher Kane and don't we just love his designs very modern and with a twist. The jacket was very unique, outstanding and chic. Topshop has surely done itself justice this time round by taking on some very amazing designers and there is no doubt this very sexy and sophisticated collection will be successful because it was extraordinary and outstanding and carries alot more than just one thing for everyone. Indulge yourself and shop, shop, shop til' you drop! With spring around the courner and summer on it's way, the key words are 'Be fun, and Be very daring' - WHOO HOO!!!