Catwalk to Queen: Agyness Deyn

The Queen has been an icon for many things but never would I have thought of a fashion model especially Agyness Deyn to have her as a Style icon. It takes a lot of guts to admit a thing such as which is why I am now admitting to my admiration of Agyness Deyn for her boldness in revealing 'the Queen' as her style icon - just have a look though at the awkward interview between her and Hillary Alexander - bet it was totally unexpected from her Hillary's end as well...

...Follow link to watch the video - Agyness Deyn's style icon


Hillary: Who's your style icon?

Agyness: The Queen's my style icon........I like the Queen mixed with Ian Dury, sort of female-male, old english, flat caps, scarves on their heads...maybe like The Punk Queen

Hillary: What do you like about the Queen though?

Agyness: "She's always so chic...I used to look at pictures of her in her early days - like all the jewelery which is kind of very punkish in a way..."

Follow link to watch the video - Agyness Deyn's style icon


I think to have made the answer simpler, who she really should have said was her true style icon from the looks of things is British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood who is also known for dressing the punk movement in the Seventies.

Vivienne Westwood