Louis Vuitton's Firebird

I'm guessing you already know about the collaboration between LV's creative director Marc Jacobs and American artist Richard Prince for S/S so I won't go into too much detail about that unless you've been living in darkness for the past four months or so or you genuinely don't really give a crap about art, culture, BAGS or fashion for that matter (Lol). So any-who, I was intrigued by the interesting twist on Louis Vuitton bags for this season. I will quickly get to the point though, what you really need to know is the fact that you'll definately want this baby in your archieve of accessories especially and most importantly of all the pieces produced. My fav is the candy-coloured Firebird bag (above) which consists of a new take on the monogram in the embossed felt and lurid plastic detailing and comes in an all-new and fabolous brand spanking new shape for Vuitton. I absolutely love it! It think the design is very chic, innoative and a true work of art - see that's what comes out when two great minds are put together.