27 Dresses ???

...but never the bride.

I love weddings. I love going to them and also having some role of importance to play at the event
to make someone's 'Big day' a success. Weddings are beautiful, they bring family and friends together and some people actually meet at weddings before the start dating which is a lovely thing. I guess you now know why I'm feeling all like this...it's 'Wedding fever', its coz I've seen enough already - all 27 of them and now I don't think I want to hear about another marriage at-least not for the rest of the year.

So recently, I've been and watched '27 Dresses'. Interestingly and quiet shockingly enough this c
hick (Jane) actually serves 27 weddings as the bridesmaid and gets to keep all the dresses which this guy (who is a writer) she's just met; manages to stumble upon and takes pictures of her in them without the knowlege that he was soon to write and publish a very pathetic story on her and how she has come about to be a bridemaid 27 times and still not only 'un-married' but still very single herself. Anyways, that's just part of the story. You'll have to see the rest for yourself - Now lets talk dresses...

Some of the dresses I liked and some - a total No No! Unfortunately I haven't managed to pull all the images together from 27 dresses but here is just a very sneaky preview (don't want to spoil it for you) so you'll have to watch it for yourselves. It's funny and romantic.