Who said you can't still be fabulous at 50?

We have come to expect Madonna to look good at all times regardless of what may be happening in her personal life or career and then so should most 20-something year olds be put to shame that a woman her age is still looking as trim, toned and glamorous as ever in a pair of micro shorts, waistcoat and trilby. Previously, Rihanna (20) wore a similar outfit in her Umbrella video but if put beside Madonna today I would stand-up in a vote of confidence and say that Madonna looks better. Anyways, celebrating the big '5 - 0' isn’t the only thing Madonna has on her table, this year she will be releasing her 26th album, Hard Candy on the 28th April and it is also rumoured that Madge has plans to open her own school in adoptive son David’s country of birth Malawi. I salute this woman’s for her endless effort and ambition. She has been an inspiration to most 21st Century women (…and men) and continues to be so. Madonna is hard-working and deserves all the good that comes her way – a true legend.

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