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Kate fronts Agent Provocateur Ads

Let them eat Kate


Sometimes pictures speak louder than words - The Wedding Story...

This month sees the return of Kate Moss as the face of Agent Provocateur featuring in a striking video and stills campaign for the lingerie brand's Bridal range, which suggests new creative potential for fashion advertising.

The thing that I like most about this campaign is the fact that it tells a story through pictures in a way that most people can relate to, maybe something you’ve witnessed yourself before or been a part of – The campaign which runs under the heading ‘White Wedding,’ has six short video clips scripted by co-founder Joe Corre, and six accompanying stills, shot by renowned photographer Nick Knight, seeing Moss as a scantily-clad bride who has a last minute change of heart.

Kate Moss also appears alongside artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, as screaming popes, and bridesmaids Gabriella Riggon-Allen and Sigail Currie. The video clips which are the product of the six original stills shoots portray Kate transforming from the "virgin bride" to "anti-establishment siren" under the titles The Happiest Day of Her Life, The Garden of Eden, Bad News, Frenzy, Revenge, and Let Them Eat Kate. Very little doubt this campaign will flop and Nick Knight has successfully executed and creatively produced something that carries great value and potential for the fashion and film in advertising industry.

(From left: Happiest Day of her life and The Garden of Eden)

(From left: Bad News and Frenzy)

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