Best of both worlds

Two-tone tights

I've always had a thing for outlandish things because I believe they are the ones that really make a person stand-out and be individual especially in this fast paced world of fashion that we now live in. Its good to maintain a level of balance between having good fashion sense and style and I stand right there on the boarder line, taking a little bit of fashion while having a bit of style - who said I can't have my cake and eat it too. Only a few months ago I wondered if there could be two-tone dresses or two tones tights or shoes and surprise! surprise! on the weekend I stumbled upon some really great tights in two tone from American apparel. I really like playing around with with my clothes and having fun and these tights were to be the perfect new addition, also being that tights are the trend to be deemed with for A/W08-09, I'm already taking my steps ahead. I was inspired to get these by Chanel's two tone (Black & White) tights that showed in the A/W08 show and I was like...."ummmm, me likey!" So when I saw these babies I just had to have them. I expect to see a lot of split colour legs as summer comes to an end and though I might wear mine a few occassions during summer, I guarantee they will go a lot better with other winter trends like heavy woolen dresses, tweeds and chunky heels.