Confessions of a Shoppaholic Prt.2: Closet Confidential (1)

Exclusive: Sneak preview into Fashion Somebody's Closet

For years now, I have done nothing but shop and I'm surprisingly still standing. So, just the other day I decided to re-organise my closet which turned into a detailed documentation of most of the material things I own. Because the dissertation is just about to kick off, I took this as a great opportunity to give myself a good head start because my closet had begun to look more of a jungle than storage space and nobody wants that especially when you have a hectic lifestyle. There is nothing else that could possibly make a person’s life a lot easier if it was well organised so, I decided to battle with that part of my life which had become so very sadly neglected and disorganised. Tidying is long and boring and I absolutely hate doing it but unfortunately it’s something that needs to and has got to be done unless I had a cleaner, personal assistant or robot to do it for me. Looking back to only a couple of years ago - I could count how many accessories, shoes, bags and clothes I had - my wardrobe could breathe and my life was so much easier NOT to say that it's that complicated now either but imagine how quick, easy and great it would be if I had only two pairs of jeans and five tops to choose from everyday – Yeah right! I would die to say the least. That just can never happen ok! I like having options and lots of them. One thing I like though about tidying my closet is that there’s always a surprise hiding in there somewhere and by this I mean money in bags or purses even jeans I haven’t worn for a while and oh!... new clothes/shoes that I bought at some point and well sort-of forgotten about because I hadn’t had a chance to wear them somewhere nice. Any-who, to cut a long story short, after hours and hours of rummaging through piles of stuff I only managed to sort out all my shoes, bags and accessories and as for the clothes – that’s just a story for another day because I haven’t sorted that yet, but hopefully soon after I finish conjuring up some strength. Every time I reach a situation like this when my closet is desperately crying for help I always wonder how I let it get to that state and I think it might be something to do with time keeping and always being in a rush, I don’t know but something along those lines. Every day is a new lesson though and half of the most important part of my life is on track so to celebrate this I have decided to give you a sneak preview into my wardrobe...


Bags = 57+


Belts = 54+


Shoes (Inc. Heels, Boots, Pumps, Wedges, Sandals etc...) = 95+


Bangles/bracelets = 39+


Necklaces = 45+


Earrings = 20+


Rings = 12+, Badges = 3+, Broohes = 5+


Sunglasses = 17+


Hats = 5+


Leggings & Tights = 14+


Scarves = 14 +

I managed to snap up what I could during 'Mission wardrope Revamp' and by the time I got down to the scarves I was too tired and just couldn't be bothered so hopefully in Part.2 I'll be powered up enough and in the mood to finish and do my job properly. For now, all I can suggest to you is:
(1) Give yourself plenty of time in the mornings to get ready and pick out your outfit for the day in no rush OR prepare it the night before; you might want to check the weather forecast though because you don't want a nasty surprise of the outdoor the next day when you don't have the time to change your outfit.
(2) Recycle or give away your old clothes especially the ones you haven't worn in years - I know it's hard but it has to be done (especially when your closet looks like it's about to explode) and finally....
(3) Happy and smart shopping - don't force yourself into buying something just because it cheap/a bargain or because it's the in thing when you know that style won't suit you anyways. Follow your heart and stay chic!