Fashionista on the run

Sporty chic

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any form of exercise at all and I am proud to say that I’ve been re-deflowered on exercise. Early last week I decided to take up jogging and this is how the story began...

So you know that last week I did a major closet clean-up coz things had turned a bit on the ugly side in there and I’m sure you know how that can easily make life very complicated. Anyway, more to the point – I then bumped into a pair of Nike Air trainers that I had long forgotten about and used to love so very much back when I first got them. An interesting discovery... just because you hide something and try so hard to forget about it, it simply doesn’t remove the fact that it’s there though you may not see it. So after accepting this seeing that my past had come to haunt me, instead of biting it back and throwing it away I decided to embrace it. So I chucked my old tranny’s into the wash and hours later they were clean and dry – just in time for a test run and how so very enjoyable that was...I will tell you this, jogging is one of the best things that have happened to me lately and if you can do it in a so very chick and chic way I promise you’ll be running forever.

My jogging in style toolkit:

iPod, Bottle of water, Hair band, Ankle socks, Jogging pants, Tight body suit to hold everything in so it’s not wobbling and bouncing about/a vest/ t-shirt


Head band, Nokia sports tracker – if you have a Nokia N95 – See how many calories you’ve burnt and the distance you’ve run (really cool).

A few Ideas: