Nokia rolls into town Preen style

Skating in the City

I'm loving the ad campaign for Nokia's Skate almighty which will be taking place in London, Birmingham and Manchester starting from Friday the 11th and running until the 27th of July. A special outdoor rink has been constructed and there will be a live bands the (likes of Zero 7, Guilty pleasures, Bodyrox, Sam Young etc..) playing at the centre of the ice rink while stakers get their boogie on. Sadly, I won't be taking part as my roller skating/blading skills are a bit on the rough side. However, the images on the other hand seem to have been what has caught my attention and interest more than the skating event itself. The campaign shots feature Alice Dellal standing over the river Thames, climbing over Big Ben and the Tower Bridge etc. and the skates she is wears are part of a set of five roller skate designs that Preen have designed especially for the Nokia event. The roller skates are actually available to buy from the Preen shop at £120 a pair and though I may be tempted by the tasteful images I don't think it would be a wise idea for me to purchase these stunning shoes on wheels until I've brushed up my skills and besides I won't get much use of them so I don't think it would do me much good spending so much on them until I can actually use them to their fullest use instead of just sitting pretty and walking in them like a clown on marbles. It would have been really cool though to see if people were inspired by Alice's fabulous looks in the images and actually bothered dresing up for the occassion. I on the other hand await the next Skate Almighty event in hopes that by then I may be a pro at rolling.