's new look....meLikey!

A lot of websites have been up-dating recently and it's exciting especially if the change is innovative and successful. Most recent is which has had a make-over and I love it's new look. It's new-look is very clean and modern with really bold and eye-catching graphics in every section of the site. It's also now super improved on the architectural side of it and I've been doing a thorough tour of the site personally and managed to establish a few interesting things. The website is now more organised, making it quicker and easier to browse and navigate than the previous set-up which I didn't really mind that much since I love very much. But now for a much better improved presentation and display and irressistably rich content that is produced on a daily basis from fashion show up-dates, reports, news and video being more frequent - who could resist? There's now also an all-new Beauty Counter blog and an all-improved Style File blog.

Coming onto September 2nd, a new feature in which style's fashion editors will be scouring the Web sites of the world’s top designers and retailers for the best on-line finds will also be available in 'Shop now' and promises of more to come during New York fashion week (which begins September 5) are on the table. A full-screen slideshow option will let us see runway photos in even more close-up allowing us to visualise every detail in all its glory, and going one better on's not-too-long-ago up-date, we will be able to see a 'virtual front row' from the recent shows with all our favorite, editors, socials and models in avatar form. Last but not least, model Coco Rocha is joining as it's new video host. Surely, It doesn't get any better that this. Stay tuned and check out Happy surfing!