SS/09: Chanel

Chanel's SS/09 collection had a very quirky and modern essence to it which in a way was very refreshing and pleasing to see. However, Karl as always still maintained that it remained true to the Chanel brand from the set right down to the shoes, it was just amazing.

Detail: Gorgeous belts and necklaces.

The bags were very quirky and modern. My favs were the vertical classic flap bag and The leather shopping bag which I thought was a perfect and clever addition that went along well with the whole 'street' theme of the show (perhaps frequent Chanel customers might eventually start to go shopping with their own carrier bags - who knows?)

I really liked the black and white low-cut peep-toe boots with the cute little bows at the front and thought they were very stylish and classy. The black or pink feather shoes were actually very nice and am sure from far would give the impression that one is only walking on a heel which is very clever and sexy. The feathers however just added a more dramatic effect but still the shoe remained very elegant. It would be really great if the feathered back was detachable giving the option of two shoes in one. I am convinced the shoes would also look gorgeous plain making them even more wearable (esp.for day).

The reinterpreted plaid pattern was a delightful twist on the classic Chanel print and the technique involved in the garments particularly on structure was unique and well-refined but also very modern and chic.

I'm so into tights right now but I wasn't too wooed by the two tone tights that featured throughout the show. It seems as though Karl was trying to make a spin-off of the two tone tights he did for A/W08 but this was just an attempt not quite right for me. Still lost and confused as to what kind of an effect he was trying to create at the moment it just looks like a cross between tights and leggings to me - I don't know, maybe with time I will warm up to them. I can't stop thinking that maybe if they were a different colour they would have looked better or if they were worn with something different I not so sure. I might have to test it out myself.

I loved the evening wear which was on a relaxed silhouette making it young and fun but sophisticated which was the theme that showed throughout the collection. I liked the softness that was in the black dress and the use of sheer and light materials. Though one might think Spring/Summer goes for lighter to brighter colours, the clever choice and use of fabric here makes that statement invalid. I like the provocativeness of the fabric of the dress but yet it remains very classy and elegant. There was also an intriguing aspect about the play on volume and delicate floral details that Karl used and was quite good that still he kept the floral prints quite toned down in respect to the House.