Latex leggings

If you remember, nearly a year ago...I wrote a post on latex leggings and PVC and at that time I wasn't quite sure if it was just another passing fad or trend that was here to stay. We'll, guess I've just been proven wrong as the latex/PVC leggings seem to have only begun to approach their peak and surprise, surprise, somebody has actually gone out and got a pair. One shouldn't really judge a book by its cover and half the time that's all I ever do. Sometimes, just because something does or doesn't look good on someone doesn't mean the result will be the same on oneself and speaking from my experience with the latex leggings I think I quite like them; actually 'like' would be an under-statement - I looo-ove them.

So-oo of the moment and also seen plastered all over the catwalks for a/w08 from the likes of Temperley - London, Topshop etc... the latex legging is here to stay! After episodes of trying out different pairs at different stores I finally got the bravery to snap one up from Bershka on Oxford street and absolutely love them. I've also seen one I like from American Apparel and Topshop's PVC trousers which are to-die-for so I am definitely staying tuned as I think I may have to go back soon for another pair being that I wear my current ones a lot - I can sort of sense their death around just the corner. I promise I'll wear them to the last thread before I go out and get another pair.

The celebs have gone totally wild over these pants it's unbelievable. I can see why though because they are so versatile and easy to wear.
Tip: Looks effortless with a cute Tee and a killer heel. Also great for day or night.

(Most worn by: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, M.C Olsen, Kate Moss, Lauren Conrad and the 'fashion crowd'. amoungst many others)