The best styled show ever!!!

The D2 A/W09-10 Collection

We may not even have started wearing our spring wardrobes yet but I'm not embarrassed to say that I can't wait for it to be winter again - not for the weather of course but to wear the magnificent trends that we have just been enlightened to these past few weeks.

I have to say though that the best styled show amongst the many brilliant collections for the fall/winter season was the D2 Collection. Very fun, easy, 'get-up and go' kinda girl with effortless style, sort of like Kate Moss in a way. I really liked that idea and the fact that it was very realistic and simple to interpret. It was all in the styling and the overall feel that the collection gave out; I absolutely loved it and any girl can pick out any one of the looks on the D2 runway and walk straight out the door without having to put much thought into it. The accessories esp. the scarves, sunglasses and hats were very cool and reflective of autumn and winter and the Starbucks in one hand was just the icing on the cake. It just wasn't one of those that we would have to work that little extra hard to chose the best pieces from or put a good day or evening outfit together - it simply did it all by itself, with casual pieces mixed in with very high-end fabrics, showing that it's ok to mix your wardrobe coz not everybody can afford the expensive "good stuff" but if you wear your wardrobe well you can look even better. Although it wasn't a particularly ground-breaking collection; very casual and so-o D2 with their usual use of denim, the overall style and feel of it was so right and so now. A very well executed and put together collection.