The trophy jacket - Michael Jackson style

I saw alot of nice jackets from the S/S runways and it was clear that this season's trophy jacket is dramatic, decorative and deeply glamorous. It's the statement piece you won't want to go without and will make anyone wearing it stand-out from the crowd because of it's construction and detail. My pick was Balmain's military jacket. I really liked this jacket because of its 'drummer-boy' - meets 'military style' in the 80's and Michael Jackson along-the-way vibe. It's a very interesting and versatile piece and not only tells a tale but a few. Not just any old boring jacket and something you can definitely wear, create new looks with and keep for a long time because of it's multiple references. And those high shoulder-pads are to marvel over.

Emmanuelle ALT in Balmain

Stylist Barbara Martelo in Balmain

Street images from: JAK & JIL blog