Fashion unmasked!

...most feared and respected to grace our big-screens this season.

This Summer comes the screening of the lives of the two most Iconic and influential women in fashion history to this day; Coco Chanel in 'Coco before Chanel' and Anna Wintour in 'The September Issue'.

The movie 'Coco before Chanel' tells us the story of the designer's rise form obscure beginnings to the heights of the fashion world. The story of how she rose, challenged and changed the fashion world forever. Coco's life was one of the most secretive and it is very interesting and exciting to finally be able to see how she made it into the industry and managed to channel her talents and create the most memorable, revolutionary and inspiring designs.

Anna Wintour on the other hand features in a film documentary of how she began her career at U.S Vogue and grew to be the most powerful woman in fashion to date. It is mainly based around the magazine house approaching September of 2007 when Vogue U.S developed and published their biggest issue ever, foamed of 840pages with a staggering amount of 727 which were adverts selling up to 13million copies which was at the time and still is phenomenal. At-least this time Wintour opens to all a window to her life and she can finally set the record straight on whether on not she really is the Devil in the Prada heels.

I have been extremely excited and simply can't wait for the films to premier, there could be nothing more to be over the moon about than experiencing and seeing what really goes on behind-the-scenes of the fashion world, especially the walls of Anna empire. Surely the woman can't be that intimidating and though she may be most adored and feared, everyone in the industry wants to be on her good side and what the rest of world really and probably needs to do is embrace that and take into account the fact that we all yearn to have a part of it - yes; the fashion, the glitz, the glamour, all of it!