Surf it, Try it, Buy it!

Virtual shopping has been stepped up a notch by on-line shop providing a way of trying on clothes on-line making shopping more fun and exciting that ever before.

Whoever predicted that the future lies on the internet was pretty damn right! MixMatchMe's concept of providing a somewhat "virtual fitting room" makes on-line clothes shopping for women of all kinds across the globe a unique, easier and enjoyable experience. The fabulous thing about this site is that you can create your own style by trying on clothes on a virtual model and play around with accessories, shoes and handbags before you make a purchase. Totally cuts shopping time in half and what I like most about it is that the website is easy to use and the model stays on screen while you navigate between categories to add extra items to your look.

MixMatchMe currently has products from French Connection and Boden but what I would like to see in the long-run is more brands jumping on the bandwagon because this is the kind of shopping that girls dream about.

Below is an example of an outfit I put together for myself on, Stunning sequinned dress, simple black pumps and a cute black clutch (All from French Connection) - Perfect for the party season!!!

Above: The Virtual Model wearing F.C
Dress - £260, Shoes - £100, Clutch bag - £60