Rhythm a la mode fashion show

On Tuesday night, I attended the Rhythm a la mode event which was organized by Dilema-modelling Agency at London's exclusive Embassy nightclub in Mayfair and it was absolutely amazing. International model and actress - Sophie Anderton was at the centre of this fabulous social gathering also making her comeback the same night. She wore astonishing signature pieces from four fabulous designers who were showcasing their S/S10 Collections that night and walked the finale in a gorgeous HMH Couture jade-green gown, later-on switching into yet another HMH indigo piece for the press pics.

It was a fashion show extravaganza which was mixed with live performances from the likes of former X-Factor contestant Chico, girl band - Candy Rock, Pierre Lewis and Egypt. Earlier we'd also seen another comeback perform
ance from Cleopatra, the wonderful girl group of sisters who had rocked the stage and sparked such a great atmosphere with their energy, powerful voices and sassy style.

Along with HMH Couture on the team of designers showcasing on the night was also Omar Mansoor, Jasper Garvida and Wild Suga. We did not only see one type of design talent, but were presented with a huge variety of thought-provoking styles and interesting mixes of fabric and colour from each designer. It was a great display of clothing which was exhilarating all the way through. Each of the collections had their own strengths and unique qualities and you could not say that one was better than the other - they were all remarkable.

The aim of the event was also the raise money for BBC Children in Need and the donation will be announced on BBC one on Friday n
ight (20th Nov) at 9:30pm. See below for images from the show:


HMH presented gorgeous draped evening gowns which had a Grecian inspired theme running through the collection in a variety of beautiful shades. You could see a graceful and confident woman emerging out of the girls as they walked the catwalk.


Wild suga had some cute and sexy mini party dresses which had an added sweet and innocent touch.


Jasper Garvida gave us "soft femininity" with his silk-chiffon ruffle dresses. The stand-out piece for me was the dress that Sophie wore (above) with the pronounced hips. I loved Garvida's clever use of embellishment on such a delicate & light fabric - It definitely brought something more interesting to the piece, changing it from being just another ruffle dress.


Elegant and floaty is what we saw from Omar Mansoor's collection, very classy, elegant and sophisticated. He sure know's how he wants his woman to look and feel, the model's looked fresh and sexy and you could tell that they knew it too by the way the worked those dresses.

Below: Sophie Anderton in HMH Couture (After the show)


Girl group 'Cleopatra' also in HMH Couture gowns

Photography by Ben Scott - www.photographlive.com