(Above left) Ruth Tarvydas & (Right) Omar Mansoor

Let's be honest! We all want the good stuff but in reality not all all us can afford the most coveted clothing that we see on the catwalks and the fashion elite. And though maybe sometimes we can afford a pair of Jimmy-choos here and a nice designer handbag there, it is just not pocket friendly in this type of economic climate. However, we can pay many thanks to yet another on-line fashion Boutique alongside the likes of and where you can borrow, wear and return your rented designer items. We can now afford to dress like celebrities and feel like Cinderella for a night rented luxurious designer gear without having to fork out ridiculous amounts of money.

There's absolutely no harm in renting a nice dress once in a while for only a fraction of the price of what you would have paid had you bought the item full-on. And let's face it, most of the times when we go and splash out for a high priced dress be it from the highstreet or a high-end boutique, how many times do we really wear it before it ends up written-off somewhere at the backs of our closets? provides a less expensive and convenient way for women who want to wear their dream dress and at the same time Keep-up with the trends without having suffer the indecision that comes with purchasing high priced items; especially if you are not sure you will ever get the opportunity to wear it any time before it's dated out of fashion. We can now go and indulge without having to carry the financial burden on our shoulders or having to worry about paying heavily towards high credit card bills.

GirlMeetsDress has at-least 160 individual styles ranging between sizes 6-16 with items that would normally retail between £300-£3000 starting from only £24 per hire depending on the amount of time you wan t to borrow for. New pieces are added weekly with over 90 top designer brands and they also provide a "Try-on" service at no extra cost. What more can a girl ask for?