DESIGNER LOVE: Tom Binns Jewellery

......and another Disney collaboration

"Jewellery is always a treasure, and though it may not be made of gold and diamonds, it should still have that sentiment,"

Tom Binns

(Above image) One of Tom Binns' S/S10 pieces for 'Alice in Wonderland' jewellery collection

Jewellery designer to the stars Tom Binns has been a personal favourite of mine for a while now with his statement jewellery pieces and striking creations with a quirky mix of glam and punkiness to them but it works. His designs have not only been worn by a-many celebrity clientèle but have eve
n made it to the White house and now he takes a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

(Above image) Movie still from Tim Burton's film - Alice in Wonderland

The jewellery designer has collaborated with Disney on a collection of Alice in Wonderland for Tim Burton's film of the same title. Tom Binns is amongst the growing number of top designe
rs and brands who have been partnering with Disney to work on a unique projects as of late.

The limited edition 'Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature' will consist of six high fashion pieces followed by another more affordable collection, dubbed 'Tom Binns for Disney Couture' which will include 35 pieces designed in collaboration with Lucas Design International. Both collections will make their debut in Spring 2010. I suspect we will be seeing lots of jewels, locks, hearts, spades, rabbits, tea cups and charms dangling of strands and strands of chain - It could be quiet fantastic but then again I guess that's the mystery that comes with fanstasy and I'm sure it will be worth the wait. So, whether you’re a Red Queen, Cheshire Cat or a Mad Hatter, a bit of dazzle is always a must especially for the up-coming season and apparently Disney is the new black - who knew?

(Above right) The 'Red Queen' in Binns jewels for Alice in Wonderland 2010 3D Animated film

Known for his ability to create distinct pieces by mixing and matching with a myriad of materials, diamonds and crystals; his non-conformist approach to the craft has inspired many. Binns' work is unique, intelligent and humorous and I just love looking at his amazing jewellery be it re-constructed vintage pieces made from strand-upon-strand of beads, pearls and rhinestones or miniature gold grenades, daggers and bombs to adorn the ears or neckline, Tom Binns has definitely got the edge and his jewellery certainly has an addictive flair.

Here are a few previous Tom Binns pieces that I like:

*You can view and buy some of Tom Binn's latest pieces from

(Below) Michelle Obama @the Governors Ball wearing Tom Binns multi-strand pearl necklace

*Alice in Wonderland Movie - Trailer

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