You'd definitely know it's not a Christian Siriano show if it didn't showcase a single ruffle, but for Fall 2010, the designers did give us that plus more. It was pretty noticeable that Siriano did try and restrain himself a little by holding back on the drama and focusing on exploring and using other techniques for this particular collection. The show opened with a stylish, black-leather peplum jacket and pencil skirt which was a striking first look and it was at that point that I realized that what was to follow would be nothing less than superb. Siriano took inspiration from the propriety of women in the sixties and his collection hit all the right notes showcasing a mix of super-chic coats, blouses, pencil skirts and gorgeous little cocktail frocks in gorgeous palette of blacks, navy-blues, hot-pink, grey and dazzling day metallics.

The fabrics were sumptuous in butter smooth silks, light flowy chiffon's and leathers and the detailing wasn't too over the top as would be expected at Siriano's shows. It was a clean collection and the sequinne detail was neat and very well placed on the garments, also featuring Balmain inspired shoulders on a few pieces, layering and ruffles. Apparently the shoes were inspired by antique Parisian furniture; but at the same time they were very fashion-forward and had me drulling over the heel detail which was modern, edgy and fierce. All-in-all, it was a romantic, sculptural and elegant collection and the fantastic thing about it was it wasn't too dramatic.