"...the name is Lewis,..Pierre Lewis"

Shoot by Ben Scott - (Photographlive.com) - Dresses by Samantha Cole, Make-Up by Maddie Pierce (provided by MAC), Hair by Fiona Macleod
Star of the Shoot - Pierre Lewis. MODELS: Maria Abralova, Samantha Hicks, Rachael Carlier and Alenka Dubravova

On Saturday, I attended the set of Pierre Lewis' Promo shoot which was being photographed by Ben Scott in London. Titled 'Wanted Man', the shoot had four female model's being shot alongside the man himself - 'Pierre'. The concept of the Shoot was inspired and based on the fictional 007 Movie character 'James Bond' with which Pierre was playing the role of a Playboy who was torn among four beautiful ladies with each-one trying to impress him with her unique individual attributes in act to win him over. It was a fun and interesting shoot and Pierre was quiet the gentleman and a breath of fresh air to be around.

The shoot had Pierre Lewis in a black tux and the models wore stunning dresses by fashion designer Samantha Cole who was also present on the day. Make-up was done by Maddie Pearce, the hair was styled by Fiona Macleod and photography was directed and carried-out by Ben Scott.
The girls looked absolutely sensational in what was a remarkable and well-executed photoshoot and Pierre was very charming but quite down-to-earth and lovely to speak to.


ABOVE:(From top left - clockwise) Models: Maria Abalova, Samantha Hicks & Rachel Carlier, Pierre Lewis + Samantha Hicks, Photographer Ben Scott with our Star & the models & Maddie Pearce doing Make-up on model Rachel.

ABOVE: (From top left - Clockwise) Model Alenka Dubravova in Hair & Make-up, Me with Maddie & Fiona, Me with Rob King, Me with Pierre Lewis, Maddie & Fiona with Pierre Lewis.

Well, if you didn't already know...

...Pierre Lewis is a rising star on the UK Pop scene who is quickly flourishing into a highly on-demand Singer/Songwriter. He has built a name for himself on the London social-scene and has an already established fan base within the US. The Pop hottie has been involved in countless performances across the Nation as-well-as Charitable events and Fundraisers including the more recent BBC Children in Need of late 2009. Lewis has been around for a while steadily building his career and has written with and for various UK music artists including International acts.

Pierre Lewis first launched his career in 2008 with his début single 'Broken' topping the UK Charts. Now Lewis is bringing Pop back onto to British music scene with a fresh and original sound that is set to have many ladies weak at their knees. We were lucky enough to pre-listen in on his Up 'n' coming album and I can tell you that it is going to be BIG - certainly not like anything you've heard in a long time. His voice is soulful, soothing and gorgeous and with such great talent, passion and a driven personality, there is no doubt Pierre is set to become a multi-platinum artist.

The 'Mindset' album is to be released later in March this year following the début of his latest single. *Info & Dates TBA so watch this space!!!




For more Images/Photography: www.photographlive.com. Samantha Cole: www.samanthacolelondon.co.uk