Hello my Fashionable-lovelies,...I'm Back!!!!!

So I know I've been off-line for a while and you were all probably wondering what was going on with me. But, I think you can understand when tell you say that sometimes we all have moments in our lives where we just think about doing something and we just go for it.

Well my most recent moment was my trip to Cyprus. It was a long awaited and much needed break and when the opportunity presented itself, I just packed my bags and took off. I had a wonderful and relaxing escape - with day-after-day of sipping on cocktails, BBQ's, lazying in the sun, Sight-seeing and long walks on the beach; it was too perfect and before long it was time to snap back to reality and come home.

I won't bore you too much with details of my holiday, but I just wanted to let you in on what I've been up to during my time of absence. I will re-assure though that next time I will leave a note but as for now I am back, fully re-charged and devoted as usual to feeding your much starved fashion appetites. So lets jump right to it!!!