Plastic-wrapped and raffia-tied is exactly how Galliano presented his girl for A/W10 Couture. There have been many collections in the past that may have been inspired by the shape and beauty of flowers, but never quite like this before. This collection too that concept to a whole new level - literally Galliano's garments where infact of flowers on heels themselves - How he managed to do it well; he's is after-all a genius when in come to design. The collection could have easily turned into a mess, but it takes someone a master-mind like John Galliano to come-up with creation of such high precision and delicacy like this. The dresses look absolutely divine as if each girl had just been freshly plucked off a flower bed from a magical garden in Dior's realm. The detailing on each piece is utterly impeccable; you'd think you where looking at the flower itself. Loved the hats made out of what appears to be the plastic wrap you find at the florist's and the gardening gloves where another element that hinted at the idea behind the collection. As always - Bright, whimsical and extraordinary!