Model of the moment Freja Beha appears on both Vogue UK and Vogue Paris for their August Issues. Both covers stunning as would be expected but if I was to pick one it would be Paris. 

Vogue UK's cover-pic is beautiful but I can't help but dwell on the fact that there seems to be something missing there. There's just something about this cover that simply doesn't make it not quite pop like a cover should - maybe it's the styling and the look that simply doesn't work for Freja. I do however love the Miu Miu dress and the make-up which looks very effortless and fresh. The Paris Cover on the other hand is very Freja and well styled. I also like the text colour (which is simple) and it works very well  against the background - Maybe that's what is missing on the Vogue UK cover; The fact that the cover was too colour coordinated with the clothing is probably what took the power of be image and it got lost somewhere behind the bold, vivid text.

What do you think? Vogue UK or Vogue FR.?

Paris Cover: Photography - David Sims
UK Cover: Photography - Josh Olins