Chanel|Fall Winter 2010/2011 Pre-Collection
Shopping Fever: Feat. Baptiste Giabiconi, Abbey Lee and Dree Hemingway. 

Clearly Karl had decided to expand on his side career as a director as he has dropped yet another fashion film following his cinematic debut in St.Tropez with the film 'Remember Now'. I've always loved Lagerfeld's films as they are always very inspiring and so fun to watch in the sense that they take you places you haven't been before. So again, Lagerfeld thought he would throw his favorite models in one pot for the second time for a new short film, “Shopping Fever,” which is part of a much bigger picture soon to follow in the form of a melodramatic, full-length silent feature.

THE STORY SO FAR: Baptiste appears in the role of a hotel valet who caters to the fashion needs of a couple of wealthy teenagers played by Abbey Lee and Dree Hemingway. The girls are decked out in the fall/winter 2010/2011 pre-collection and their hotel rooms are accessorized with countless Chanel shopping bags. This definitely sheds a new light on product placement.