Ex-LCF Student, Helen Furber put her best foot forward on her Final Year B.A project as she worked on a shoe that was ethical, sustainable, luxurious and fashion-forward. Her design ticks all the right boxes and portrays a forward-thinking production means with sustainability in materials as well as a mind-blowing aesthetic. Something that is definitely unique, innovative and long-lasting. I love how the different pieces of the shoe detach - something you don't even get to see unless you are a shoe designer, the shoe repair guy or have simply run out of luck in broken heels but her idea is utterly genius.The difference with Helen Furber amongst other shoe designers and why I think she is going to be very successful in the near future is the thought process behind her work - and after all things considered she has finally come out with a product that is so desirable and not only looks good but can actually be worn. Alot of young designers find themselves  It is something that many people will by not only buy because it will looks great on their display cabinet but also because it is a wearable product that has longevity. Bravo Helen - We Wanna See More!!!

See below - Icica Concept wedge: Re-examining foot-wear materials and construction.

Helen's project was Sponsored by Y-3 Addidas, Studio Van der Graaf & Nutureally Organic Leather.
To see more of her portfolio follow link: HELEN FURBER and/or visit her blog on SHOE KITCHEN.