(From top) Lydia, Jake, Tom, Alex and Chloe.

I've just come across this interesting new reality TV Show 'PUSH' on-line today (well, the concept really isn't new at all) pretty much what it is is a British version of 'The City' and 'The Hills'. Mmmmmh!? I'm not so sure if I like it yet although I managed to sit through all 22minute footage-long of the first episode. The story is about a 24-year old girl; in this case 'Lydia Harrison' who would be the L.C or W.P equivalent (character-wise) if it were in-fact 'The Hills' or 'The City'.

To keep a long story short, Lydia moves to London from Glasgow to chase her dream as a Fashion Writer and moves in with her cousin who lives in a loft apartment in Shoreditch; and yes complete with the whole "brickwork" and "scuffed floorboards" business) - how modern and somewhat cliché. Anywho-o, as opposed to the American shows, Lydia finds herself in a difficult position where though she may be in the right city, living in the right postcode and with the right job title there are certain expectations and expenses that come with the kind of lifestyle and path she has chosen to take - and, the biggest hurdle she is still yet to overcome seems to be having the right bank balance. Caught-up in an existence where ambition, determination and sacrifice are all part of the mix, Lydia strives to get her foot through the door in act to move a few steps closer to archiving her life's goals.

*To watch the progress of a young and determined fashionista attempt to break into the fashion world follow link below and watch Five OnDemand or click on video below for the First episode of Push via Youtube. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!