Cheers to Monsieur Elbaz who's collaboration with H&M has had me uber excited and on my tippy-toe's in waiting for the official launch which is highly upon us. Only 9 days to go but hey; who's counting?

I absolutely can't believe that I will soon be the owner of a true Lanvin by Lanvin, the only question that now haunts me day after day is, What shall I pick out of this fabulous collection? It's difficult as this collection has many great pieces; infact all the pieces are simply to-die-for but, I have to think sensibly and make a wise choice that is also based on what is versatile and has more longevity; basically the 'Classics'.
The 'Lanvin hearts H&M' Collection might be affordable but obviously being a fashionista on a budget there is only so much a girl can buy. I have however have made a shortlist of a few items that are in my favour (below) but would also really love and appreciate your input on which items you think are the creme de la` creme of the collection.

So far the collection ticks all the party-wear boxes, with sumptuous cocktail dresses and voluptuous skirts . There's fun pieces-a-plenty such as the furry jacket, waistcoat, bright coloured shoes, handbags, funky Tee's and accessories and also a few smart pieces like the black "zebra effect" coat, (Blk) blazer and LBD with bold sleeves. But if there is one thing I certainly will be getting it's the one-shoulder, ruffled cocktail dress(es) (kind-of reminiscent of some of the pieces from Lanvin's SS/10 Collection) and the cutest little ruffled skirt that comes in black and white. See below: