There is something about fashion that can make a person really nervous but according to Anna it's not her...

...."be true to yourself" were her words in a recent interview by Forbes as she dished out the tricks of the trade advising anyone with aspirations of succeeding in the fashion world to always keep it real.

I must say the more Anna Wintour's personal life is exposed to us the more I realize she is not that self-absorbed, over ambitious heartless woman the media has made her out to be (a'la 'The Devil wears Prada' and a not so perfectly executed attempt to redeem herself in 'The September Issue') but in-fact she has and only ever been a hardworking woman with a crystal clear vision of what she wants to archive in life and in her career. To me she will always go down in the history books and the woman who shaped fashion for all time. A true inspiration and a leader.

Brilliant interview and a job well done by Forbes! [See below...]