A pretty but tough look emerged on the catwalks of Danille Scutt in what appeared to be a "Thug Life" inspired collection which featured many looks that so literally spoke for their inspiration -  From dark, low-slung jeans to a trouser suit, suspenders and lots of tartan. Danielle took the meaning of 'Thug' and turned into 'Pretty' in a personal but well thought out and colourful collection which had some very interesting references and playful mix of prints and fabric.

On the other-hand we saw excellently made looks in glitter-polished voile that Scutt had draped into dresses and skirts later-on a few more challenging pieces that incorporated tightly pleated silver lamé, there also were these cropped, crisp white blouses with sculpted sleeves and tartan ruffles which I quiet liked but what I enjoyed most was the finale`dress which nicely summed up the theme behind the collection - a fitted, ruffled dress which seemed to have been made out of old RIP Tupac tees; A brilliant choice to round-off the show.