You only live once so every year I make it a point to do something to acknowledge the day I came into this world. I'm a complete sucker for birthdays whether it's mine, a family members of a friends. I'm usually that person who watches the clock count down to mid-night just so I can be the first to pass-on the Bday wishes. This year however, my celebrations not only spread through the whole weekend, I feel very lucky to have such wonderful people around me - I can't lie I have been spoilt silly this year. For the eve of my birthday I celebrated on a night out with a few friends, it was amazing! Obviously spent half the day recovering in bed for some more celebrating which was taking place later in the evening at a friends house - although earlier I'd had to force myself to get up for the post office to pick-up some presents and cards from my family (missed the postman sleeping :-p) but yeah, it was the best house party of 2012 so far. Tonight however, I'm really excited for a more chilled out swaree with the B.F who will be taking me out to dinner and I've already opened one of my pressies from him - My favorite cake in the world - Hummingbird bakery's Red Velvet cake; Mmmm yum! Next weekend on the other hand has to bd the best present of the year - I'm off to Paris with my sister on a belated Bday treat, Yay!!!