(Above) Simone Rocha SS/12 Collection 

When I spotted this young Central St.Martins graduates collection in the exhibition I was instantly drawn to it. There was something in its simplicity but yet very intricate detailing and interesting tailoring that was enchanting. And to be honest, this was my first time coming across this designers collection. So, who is this Simone Rocha I asked myself; only to later-on make the connection she was the off-spring of Irish designer John Rocha. She has clearly inherited her fathers talent - With innovative textiles in a gorgeous colour palette and shapes that where just one of a kind. If there was a fitting room there I would have jumped at the opportunity to try one of the dresses on. And without a single dressed mannequin in sight, I couldn't help but leave wondering how it would look on an actual person. But, what I imagined was something magical for what seemed to be an amazing collection. Curious as any fashionista would be, I later-on watched the video of her most recent work. Truth be told I have fallen in-love with this designer and I can't wait already to see what's coming our way next season.

 (Below) Simone Rocha AW/12 Collection