On Tuesday eve I dashed off to the Felicities press event to meet with the designers and view their collections up-close and personal once again. Felicities represent a diverse group designers all with unique, individual talent and a powerful story behind their of their collections. I was really excited to see something fresh and with an interesting twist and I absolutely loved all of the collections that were showcased on the night. Somehow, I found myself particularly drawn to the prints, jewellery and accessories. There was something very individual and classic about the pieces. First was the collection by Xsenia & Olya which told it's story through movement of smoke and water....

This dress (pictured above) caught my eye and I felt it was such a strong and beautiful shape; very me and the way the water-print laid on the fabric with the shape and structure of the dress gave the illusion of water flowing drown a river (perhaps???)...
(Below) Other pieces I loved by Xsenia & Olya

(Below) A stricking jewellery piece by Arianna Cerrito 

(Below) Amazing jewellery pieces by Imogen Belfield

These pieces (above) I felt were simply timeless, all hand-crafted by the talented Imogen Belfield. I'm a complete sucker for rings so I just had to try on a few...

(Below) These hats by designer Loreen Wood a.k.a Mr.Woods reminded me of something Isabella Blow would wear, very unusual and daring and I found the whole story and process of how they were made very intriguing.

(Below) Jewellery by Cardinals of London 

(Below) Jewellery by Julia Burness
A striking collection made using recycled metals and fair trade gold. Very beautiful lace inspired pieces.

(Below) Gorgeous dress by Neobotanic London 

And....last but not least, a fabulous, cutting-edge piece by Ada Zandition with a strong shape and interesting play of fabric, print and silhouette.