I just love attending Press days because you get to be intimate and more up-close and personal with the collections. One in particular I was excited to see at Forward PR was Corrie Nielsen's SS/13 Collection entitled 'Florelegium' which was inspired by nature and beauty from the botanical gardens. What I liked was that it was a 'floral story' without being too literal and there wasn't a single print in sight - Just beautifully constructed garments in extraordinary shapes that mimicked the delicate structure of a flower. 
Eugene Lin had beautiful prints placed on the garments in interesting ways. I could totally see myself wearing those trousers (pictured below). Lin's digital print focused on the seductive golden apple and the fiery tempers of those desperate to be declared “the fairest one” in a Greek myth; ‘The Judgement of Paris’ which was the inspiration behind the collection.

Menswear label Euphorik had some unique pieces which I saw potentially to be unisex in thin silky fabrics and gorgeous blues. They looked simple but the beauty was all in the cut, construction and finish. I really liked the teal hooded tee (pictured below) and couldn't help but wonder what it would look like on me...


At Jaida Hay, Victorian elements were fused with a romantic, free-spirited notion by way of sheer, diaphanous layers and delicate, fluid fabrics. Employing strict volume and unostentatious lines, distressed and unfinished edges to suggest salvage from ruin. Jaida's collection reflecting her newfound respect for nature and muted colours played a central role, balanced by a range of key black pieces, sutle embellishments and detailing, hinting at a more restrained season - The title ‘Less is More’!!!

| AOFM |

Last but not least I had a makeover done by a very talented young Makeup artist from the 'Academy of Freelance Makeup' who kindly gave me a skincare and makeup tips and set me off with a beautifully touched-up face into the evening.