I've always spotted Samsonite cases at airports whilst travelling and wondered how heavy they where and how much you could actually fit in even the biggest of them all - Precisely just that! I would love to own one  but still have no clue what colour I would go for. So when the opportunity came up to attend the Samsonite press day, I knew I definitively had to go. Its actually amazing when you realize how far their range extends.  I literally at some point thought they came in one standard classic style that seems to be the very popular style.

I was sold on these cases the moment I lifted one up and opened it to see how much room it had. These things are amazing ladies and gentleman and a good investment for any globe-trotting fashionista, light as feather with maximum size of the case capacity and they even have those rotating wheels as well so you don't physically have to put much into yo case to turn your case around and they are hard cases. They had one in particular that was layed  down on the floor and the test was to stand on it to see how much pressure or impact it could hold. I used it as a jumping castle and left not a single dent in it.

I also liked that they did a range of ipad/tablet cases and some other down-sizeable suitcases which you can fold and dispatch of to create room when you reach your destination.