Timothy Everest in a contemporary British Tailor who has recently collaborated with Superdry to create a new womens collection introduction tailoring to the brand. On Thursday I attended an  event at their HQ to celebrate the launch of this partnership and to see what the evening had in store.
After the success of the men’s line, the fashion brand has extended it's range to include a new tailored ‘trans-seasonal’ collection specifically for the modern women, full of stylish and well blazers. The collection was presented in a tailors studio setting, but with a rock star twist, semi trashed with the blazers sprawled all over the place, playing cards scattered, candlelight and the whisky on the dresser. It was a cool concept to launch the four new styles: ‘The Town Coat’ – think Aggy meets Pixie Lott; ‘The Country Rebel’ – casual ladylike chic; ‘The Rock Rebel’ – the slightly oversized Debbie Harry meets Chrissie Hynde blazer; and ‘The Muse’ where the lapels and the gorgeous buttons do the talking. A much welcomed and pleasant surprise I must admit to know that we will be able to find great tailored pieces like that in Superdry as that particular style would not be the norm as to what would immediately jump into ones head when you think of the urban brand. And I am not normally a hoodie kind-of-girl, but I do love a good tailored piece especially when it has a masculine influence in its design. The bright neon edges on the jackets where just the cherry on the cake as they transformed something so classy and simple into a funky edgy number.
From the collection, I particularly loved ‘The Muse’; a navy flannel blazer with gorgeous buttons, a flash of either pink or purple under the collar and its brilliant secret Oyster cardholder which I thought was an amazing idea as I always struggle to find mine in my bag when I need it. It would be great to have somewhere in close range to put it. ‘The Rock Rebel’ on the other hand was just so classic and clean and I just loved its casual-luxe vibe and slightly over-sized two-button black blazer, which I reckon would look perfect with anything and everything - a true wardrobe staple.

The collection hits stores in May, with prices ranging from £75 to £250 and I just can’t wait to go and try them all on.