On Thursday night I attended the film screening of the Apartment Film which was shot during London Fashion Week. It was a fun, fashion filled film that was also very insightful on what goes on in 'A fashion bloggers world' and showcased bloggers in their element doing what we do best - Working hard and Playing hard!!!

I liked the authenticity of it all; No scripting went down (I was witness to that) and the bloopers at the end made for a great laugh. You might have already seen the mini series I featured earlier this year, check-out the post here if you missed it!

London Fashion Week at the Apartment was a fun and extraordinary experience which provided bloggers the opportunity to network  meet different brands, try out the hottest collections in a luxurious Apartment located in the vicinity of the shows. It was a place where we all got to hang-out, bond, do our work and enjoy some food, drinks and pampering during all the hecticness of fashion week. And, to make it even more interesting  Blogger Abimarvel the founder of The Apartment had a film crew come over and record the fun and fashionable frolics that went down during Fashion Week.

Check-out the LFW Apartment Short Film below: