As much as the question begs; the answer is quite simple....No! Heels will never die! Have a read as I give you the low-down on why that is....

There was a time when I would never set foot to any event, meet-up or even go shopping without wearing a pair of heels. Like most girls, I love shoes (heels mostly) and I don't know whether its because of the fact that they instantly change the way one looks and stands making a woman's posture more feminine and legs longer and sexier or merely because I'm 5 ft tall and its a way of compensating for my height.

However, the invention of heels completely revolutionised the fashion industry and women's dress and has evolved drastically over the years with various styles, materials and heights being thrown into the mix. The footwear industry alone particularly 'Stiletto's' is worth billions with coveted labels such a Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanik on top of that pyramid and every girl wishing they owned a pair or blowing their wages on a single pair of red bottoms.

Lets agree that high heels aren't aways the most comfortable of shoes but the sure do look pretty damn good when worn. With the rise of the sports trend over the years and catwalks showcasing women wearing flats and even trainer with the most gorgeous gown but still looking just as beautiful; I think it has forced many women to think twice and put comfort first.

This trend began to spread viciously when London women started to wear their comfortable trainers whilst commuting to work or events. Traditionally women have always left their houses and arrived to their destinations as they were meaning leaving the household in the same pair of shoes (heels) and having to be in them all day only removing them upon arrival back at home in the evening. Now you can only imagine the amount of strain that would be put on one physically also depending on their shift pattern and job role.

The past couple of years have seen women (including myself) carry around an alternative part of shoes with them in their bag - something simple and light like a pair of ballerina pumps. When I do London Fashion Week or attend events I see a lot of women tucked in a street corner changing out of their pumps into their heels as they arrive. That street corner has actually now gained is own name because it has become the normal/natural thing to do - to switching shoes.

The bottom line is regardless of the fact that flats have become a trend with more gorgeous styles surfacing on the market - Heels will always be a classic. So, my conclusion to this question which I'm sure has been circulating in many people minds is that Heels are not dead! They will never die and women will continue to go back to the regardless of how much they may want to put their comfort first. Its simply what we have become accustomed to and it's clear that when you wear heels it instantly dresses up you look.

What do you think?