I am a bit of a Lipstick enthusiast especially when it comes to wearing red. Lipstick has become just as good as a fashion accessory and I wear it with pride. It can instantly change any look from being dull and boring to giving it an edge just by the swipe of a stick. My favourite and go to shade this season are Ruby Woo, Danger, Diva and Plumful (all by MAC) These four shades are just to die-for and compliment so many winter shades this season.
Rubby Woo // Retro Matte
This lipstick totally changed my life and is absolutely gorgeous and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Its one of those shades that looks great on anyone and compliments all skin tones and looks. This one is definitely a must have for any girl. I have to say never was I a lipstick girl until I wore Ruby woo.  

Danger // Retro Mattle | Ruby Woo // Retro Matte | Diva // Matte | Plumful // Creamy