I’m not a Beauty expect; but over the years I’ve come to learn and know what I like and what works for my skin. With that, I love to share the things that I like in the hope that they can or will work for someone else too. However, as you can imagine I've had to try and test many products before finally pinning down what really works for my skin.  Here are my Top 5 Favs:

1. Micellar Water (Face Clenser by Garnier)

Garniers Oil Infusused Micellar Water has got to be the best by far inexpensive make-up remover I have ever used. After once trying Lancômes Bi-Facial Make-up remover a couple of years ago and loving it, I wanted something for everyday use that had a similar result for half the price so I went on an embargo to try on several other brands but they never quite had the same effect. Many moons later, walking past a Boots beauty shelf, this range of cleansers caught my attention. Little did I know that this was going to be the moment I found what I was so desparately looking for and I was immediately was sold on the Garnier Oil infused clenser. After only taking home their smaller bottle to sample, I have to say the result was astonishing and pretty much the same texture and feel Lancome Bi-Facial. I also loved the fact that the smell is very light, pleasant and refreshing. Takes everything off with a couple of swipes using a wet wipe or make-up remover pad, rcleansing even the toughest of mascaras and foundations I.e. Este Lauders Double-wear without a battle and your skin feeling beaten up.

Verdict: Quick and easy to use and very gentle on the skin. 

Cost: £6 or less depending on size of bottle

2. Loreal 'Pure Clay' Glow Scrub Exfoliator

This Clay scrub is no joke. And I love how it is packaged and how it applies. Perfect for oily skin and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The granules are not too coarse or harsh on the skin (Have used many useless, exfoliators that you don’t even feel on the skin or some with the complete wrong density) but you can even set Loreal's  'Pure Clay' Glow Scrub for a few minutes, let it dry then scrub off gently with water or use in conjunction with water and still have a good result.


  • Kaolin which is a highly effective natural clay known to absorb impurities and excess sebum
  • Montmorillonite, a clay which is rich in minerals and recognised for helping in the elimination of imperfections
  • Ghassoul - A highly concentrated clay renowned for clarifying skin complexion.
  • Red Algae - known for its brigntening properties and giving skin that healthy glow.
Drug store brand, less than £10 and lasts for a very long time. Only need to do 2 - 3 skin routines a week

3. Skin Labs Rose Water Mist

This Water Mist revitalises and hydrates the skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh and mositured. It is an infusion of moisture-enhancing Rose, Coconut and Aloe and tones and softens the skin. Can the spritzed throughout the day as a pick-me-up and is very fast drying and non-sticky. Can also be used as a final step before applying make-up and leaves skin feeling suple, fresh and radiant all day long.

Also perfect for make up free day or on holiday.

It also has Witch Hazel extracts to help clarify and brighten the skin complexion, Botanical extracts for skin rejuvination, Moroccan Rose Oil which hydrates the facial skin and Coconut water which plays the rejuvination role and brings dull, dry skin back to life.

Tips on How to use:
Close your eyes and gently spray the mist on the face approximately 8-20 cm away. For an extra cooling and refreshing boost, store the bottle in the refregirator but this is optional.

4. Magnitone Clean Sweep 'Rescilliance Moisturiser'

This Moisturiser is perfect after exfoliation or before bedtime as it really sinks deep into your pores and gives your skin the hydration and protection that it needs. Magnitone's Clean Sweep Rescilliance Moisturiser leaves your skin feeling plum and revitalised but without being oily and it smells unbelievably gorgeous and natural. 

Applies thick but absorbs fast and leaves skin deeply moisturised but dry to the touch so u can even apply make up on top of it without it being oily. Has Ginseng and Vitamin B5 for skin energy, protection and is also an antioxidant.

It is supposed to increase elasticity in the skin and has anti-aging properties. I prefer to use antioxidants to wrinkle creams as wrinkle creams can have an opposite effect if used too early in life and natural is always best. I absolutely love this product. Super soothing and provides 24 hr protection.

Cost: 50ml bottle - £12

5. Carmex Cherry/ Origional Lip Balm

I usually use Carmex on my Make up free days or before I apply lipstick as a moisture base especially with Mac's Ruby Woo which is a very dry, matte texture and I absolotely love the result I get with this combination because it keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day and gives my Matte lipstick a nice, sheer finish but without making it greasy or turning it into a glossy lipstick.

In the winter, theres absoloutely nothing that beats this lip balm and I actually prefer it to Carmex's glosses because it doesn't get sticky or need a constant top up throughout the day.

To make it even better, it has SPF 15, is light to the touch, costs just under £2 and that little pot lasts a very long time. My favourite flavour is Cherry >>> Get yours now.