Dubbed to be one of the more 'serious' collections of the season, I was astonished by that criticism althogh I can see where it may have stemed from given the layers upon layers fabric and contruction. Perhaps this may well be the stylist in me talking but to me Jil Sander has always been one of those brands that has always delivered. However contrary to that bias may be; as they say 'Art it speaks to everyone in a different way' and for me that's exactly what this collection did.

With much of the criticism of the collection tilting towards it being more suited for an older generation and being rather serious and mature in design, in my eyes the collection translated to be a very architectural, sculpted and well tailored run through. The organic collection couldn't have been more fashion-forward and throughout out. Very monotone and opulent featuring blacks, whites, navies and neutral tones. In all its layers, there still was an element of power, sexiness and sophistication in the design concept and silhouettes. Fashion geared more toward style and free-spiritedness and this reflected in the expanded cuts of very elaborate, couture-shaped tailoring and a elements of refined raffia inspired fringing with a more clean and refined twist.  In hindsight, I feel there was a huge level of boldness and intelligence on the Meiers' part and an indication of change that is yet to re-define the fashion industry.